The Travel program is our most competitive level of play. Given enough interest we will have separate teams of boys & girls in the soccer ages of 9-19. This program features match play against local teams from around the central region of Connecticut. This level of play is more demanding for both the players and the parents. There are normally two practices per week, and usually one to two games per weekend. There also may be Tournament Participation outside the league. This program features travel uniforms, team experience and a higher level of coaching knowledge, as well as player expectations. Most games are within a 30-45 minute drive if you are scheduled at an away location.

Games - Division games are divided into two groups.
The first are 5 to7 scheduled "League" games that are required for your divisions. These are teams that best "fit" the competence of your team. Your division is determined from your previous season performance.
Note: New teams would normally start out in a lower division, unless their skill level would allow for a higher division.
Teams can add "Friendly " games to their roster. These games are geared towards challenging our team against stronger team or perhaps the opposite if a weaker team would like to play us for their development.

Practice - Practice times are chosen prior to the commencement of the season . These days and times will be communicated to you when they are determined. Travel Teams would require that practices be attended for the benefit of the Program as well as the Team.

  • A more challenging game
  • A higher level of commitment competition and structure
  • More opportunities for development
  • One scheduled practice per week with a licensed trainer per team
  • Scheduled weekly practices with your Coach
  • Enhanced preparation for future play
  • Middle and high school preparation

Travel Coordinators :
Boys - Matt Pirog

Girls - Tom Blanchette