Officials Information

BSC Referee Guidelines

Yellow shirt (long or short sleeve), Solid black shorts, black socks with USSF logo, black cleats, current referee patch. Also, flags, whistle, watch, and card set. Shirt tucked in and socks pulled up, no visible jewelry

Rec program:
Games must start on time. Arrive 15-20 minutes before game time. All players need shinguards and socks to cover shinguards. Small fields- 30 minute halves, no slide tackling and no PK's. Large fields- 35 minute halves.

Be ready at field 20-30 minutes before game time. U-9 to U-12 size 4 ball, age U-13 and up size 5. Check in team, equipment, passes and roster. Make sure pictures match. Coaches must have passes, no one is allowed on team side of field without a pass.

Referee reports:
Referee reports and supplemental reports MUST be filed for all games and are completed on Central Assign

Referee Code of Ethics
USSF Severe Weather Policy
7 Cautionable 7 Sending Off Offenses
CJSA Referee Report
Supplementary Report
Assistant Referee Mechanics