Micro U06 Division

Remember when you were 5? Life was about play, fun, and making friends. The Micro U06 Division brings that same spirit of fun and adventure to the entire family and establishes a soccer experience that lasts a lifetime.

This age specific, story based approach, is a progression from the U4 Soccer Shots program, built around the introduction and development of key soccer fundamentals such as movement, dribbling and ball work. Players practice once a week in their teams and play 4v4 micro soccer (no goalie) on the weekends. The program does all this while involving the most important person in the child's life, the parent.
Experts in the field of child psychology and development stress the important role of the parent to the young child, so this program has been developed to support active parent participation. This approach fosters a memorable experience for the whole family and encourages support for the volunteer coach.
Program Includes:
  • Shirt
  • Soccer Ball
  • FREE comprehensive coaching curriculum
  • FREE on-line support materials to enhance the family soccer experience
  • Professional Coaching Support

This program is designed for boys and girls that meet the soccer criteria for 5 to 6 year olds (see the age requirements on the registration page). Boys and Girls play on the same team and will have various degrees of soccer experience. Usually 2 games are going on at the same time for a single team. Games are played in a 3v3 format, without a goal keeper. There is no score keeping or win/loss record, as the joy of the game and a player's self confidence are the important measures of a team and individual player's success.

For first time players, some things that your child will need: shin guards, soccer socks to cover them, shorts/pants (depending on weather), cleats or sneakers, a water bottle for all practices and games.

Games will be held Saturday at 12:15-1:15pm at Bristol Soccer Club.
Practice - will be one hour per week, day to be determined (Mon, Tues, Wed, or Thurs), depending on the coach's schedule.

Dinomites U06 Division Coordinator: Amber Sidoti Email: amber.sidoti@hotmail.com

"Teaching skills...teamwork...and above all sportsmanship"